“Authenticity. Ethics. Quality. Imagination. Our commitment is to create enduring value both in the food we serve, and the health and wellbeing of the children we serve.”

— Fausto Armonti, Founder

*About Us

SoloFresco is a singular presence in the school lunch program, providing the first authentic Mediterranean diet model in the U.S.

Inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean diet, SoloFresco’s Mediterranean specialties use only fresh natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and minimal processing to produce simple, healthy, tasty food that American children love.

*Our Team

SoloFresco collaborates with a team of international experts to create a range of tasty, nutritious ready meals and components for school lunch menus and institutional food service.

Fausto Armonti

Fausto Armonti

Founder and CEO

While working as a consultant advising a large European food service group entering the stateside market, Fausto identified the need for improvement in school lunch programs in the U.S. Raised on the Mediterranean diet growing up in Italy, and a father of two, Fausto created SoloFresco to provide high-quality, affordable school lunches for children in the U.S.

Alexis Pisciotta

Alexis Pisciotta

Corporate Chef

An instructor in the Italian program at The International Culinary Center, and with more than a decade of experience as a Chef du Cuisine at some of New York and London’s most notable restaurants, Alexis collaborates on developing SoloFresco’s menu items. And as the parent of two children in New York public schools, Alexis creates lunch offerings that her own kids enjoy.

Tommaso Mazzarella

Tommaso Mazzarella


Graduated in Political science and International affairs at Universita’ Cattolica in Milan, and with a Master degree in Food Business Management, Tommaso moved to NYC in 2008. Since then, he gained 10+ years experience in general management and operations supervision of US enterprises. After working as Purchasing director for a large hospitality company, he joined the Solofresco project in 2016, growing within the company up to COO

Michael Alleva

Michael Alleva

Production and Sales Consultant

With more than fifteen years experience in child nutrition, food sales, and as a production analyst, Michael brings a strategic sensibility and passion for nutrition to his work. As SoloFresco continues to expand nationwide, Michael is dedicated to maintaining quality across all aspects of production and distribution.

Betsy Fuentes

Betsy Fuentes

Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Betsy Fuentes is a Registered Dietitian with more than ten years of clinical and school food service experience.

With experience working at one of the largest school districts in the country, Betsy is able to understand the food service perspective and the challenges faced in the industry.  She is dedicated to school nutrition and improving the health of our kids, while not compromising flavor.

Our sales network

Our sales network

Atlantic Coast Marketing and Fusion Food Marketing and Sales are our exclusive brokers for South-East and Central areas of the US.

*The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet features fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, lean protein, nuts, legumes, herbs, spices, and healthy fats, and is recognized by nutritionists as a healthy, sustainable diet. Studies credit the Mediterranean diet with a reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers, lowering cholesterol, and preventing other chronic diseases.

Our Inspiration

SoloFresco was influenced by a successful school lunch program first introduced in northern Italy in the late 1960s; several school districts worked with local farmers, producers, and councils to develop a comprehensive program designed to bring nutritious, Mediterranean-style lunches to schoolchildren featuring fresh, local organic produce. Fifty years in, the lunch program and the children it serves are thriving.

The rates of childhood obesity and eating disorders in the U.S. are rising and the implications for our children’s health and wellbeing are profound. Additionally, malnutrition and hunger compromise a child’s learning and academic performance. SoloFresco shares these concerns and is committed to proactively addressing these issues by providing fresh, nutritious, delicious school lunches as a key part of a child’s healthy development.

For more information, see Pri.Org (Italian School Lunch) in Our Resources 

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