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The introduction of the SOLOBUONO instant cups is the latest innovation that combines the convenience of an Italian instant meal with clean ingredients and balanced nutritional.

A staff of leading nutritionist, overseen for SoloFresco by Dr. Carlo Cotti have used an innovative state of the art technology to naturally extract water from the best raw ingredients in nature.

In a hi tech plant with the highest degree of international certification, the first Mediterranean concert of flavors was created. In a cup!

Most important … it tastes great like, as real Italian flavors do!

Our cream soups line includes different flavors: Pumpkin, Chickpeas, Mushrooms, Onion, Leek & Potato

Business Dining

Positive human interaction is not less important than good food. This is a fundamental rule of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and is probably why Italy founded a global movement called “Slow Food.” When you bring people together in harmony, sharing food and ideas, amazing things happen. Especially in a working environment.

With its premium line, SoloFresco provides innovation through clean, healthy product solutions for the best chefs and food visionaries. Our Mission goes beyond the benefit of the Mediterranean diet – we embrace it as a lifestyle, made of people first.

Endorsing EXOS values and supporting a green planet, we only provide the most innovative products that are healthy, non-processed and easy to use, delivering solution to chefs that  know the importance of bringing workers the energy, the focus and the mental and physical performances they need every day in a corporate environment.

Deeply rooted in Italy, the Mediterranean diet is based in simplicity. When the quality of few selected ingredients is skillfully combined together, it becomes a symphony of flavors. The basic rules of Mediterranean diet can also be applied to a variety of dishes not necessarily Italian, French or Greek.

Like in Italy, we celebrate the passion for real food. SoloFresco wants every American chef to be proud of what she/he serves. This explains why we only create food that we would enthusiastically share with our friends and family.

Corporate chefs and managers tell us every day of the need for more non-processed food. That’s why we do not compromise on quality. Our ingredients are fresh, non-gmo, organic, non-trans-fat, preservative-free, natural and packaged environmentally friendly. SoloFresco is also a proud member of the Food Tank. We are well aware of the complex multicultural ethnic environment we live in. For this reason we considered customized product components to facilitate menus designed for everyone.

Photo: ALMA - the international culinary school in Parma, where SoloFresco begun its journey.

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Business Dining

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