Independent & Higher Education Cuisine

As we successfully launched our Mediterranean diet philosophy into public schools across the nation, we quickly saw the opportunity to even better express our value and services to independent schools and higher education.

Our line *SFTerra, provides a more ambitious menu for students hungry for quality, taste and healthfulness.

While consistently championing the principles of the Mediterranean diet, we strive every day to provide chefs and kitchen managers with the best healthy and natural ingredients – from our green-packaged all-natural marinara, to our organic pizza kit and our all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken creations. Our unwavering goal is Better Food for a Healthier Generation.

Clean food comes from a clean planet. This is why we are leading product developer and manufacturer of clean, natural, environmentally friendly non- processed food. SoloFresco also proudly supports the Chef Ann Foundation and is a member of the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools).

Discover the amazing creations provided by VisualFood Inc.

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Independent & Higher Education Cuisine

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