“Eating is an agricultural act.”

— Wendell Berry

*Our Mission

A child’s relationship to food develops early, so it is crucial to ensure that it’s a healthy association.

SoloFresco creates fresh, nutritious, delicious, sustainable, affordable meal options for schoolchildren, primarily K-12.

SoloFresco currently provides more than 50 million meals a year, largely to the New York City Department of Education and Urban School Food Alliance.


SoloFresco is proud to partner with VisualFood Inc. as part of our effort to promote creative ways to foster healthy eating habits.

VisualFood is focused in designing creative, fun, and easy ways to prepare food.

In just one day–and with a few basic tools– a VisualFood team can train up to twelve cooks to replicate eight VisualFood creations, and you’ll be on your way to making fun, appetizing foods that appeal to everyone. VisualFood engages kids early and encourages healthy eating habits for life.

A 2013 study by Cornell University showed that sliced fruit is more appealing to children than whole fruit: in the participating school cafeterias in the study, consumption of apples increased by 71% when sliced. Think about what could be achieved by offering attractive fruit and vegetable creations in school cafeterias.

To learn more about an introductory training course in VisualFood, please contact Alberto Cusi at contact@solofrescobrands.com


*Healthy Food For A Healthy Planet

SoloFresco understands that healthy food comes from a healthy planet. We help empower children, schools, and communities to make positive change in themselves and the world. SoloFresco utilizes recyclable packaging materials and minimal packaging, and use non-GMO and antibiotic-free ingredients where possible. SoloFresco is proud to support Food Tank, an organization committed to providing sustainable agricultural solutions to global food system issues.

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