The School Food Challenge



The” revolution” began in  northern Italy in the late 60’s  where several schools districts together with local authorities, developed a   comprehensive model designed to bring nutritionally sound, Mediterranean-inspired D.O.P. lunches to school children. Based on the inherent culture of the country, and its welfare system, there has been continued advanced nutrition in school systems over the past 50 years.

As parents, we care more about the well being of our children than anything else”. Unfortunately, we live in a time where childhood obesity is on the rise, and the implications for our children’s future are terrifying. At  SoloFresco we take those concerns seriously, and we have converted that concern into action. Our goal is simple: to serve delicious, nutritious lunches each day to your children. All of our food is fresh and delivered daily.

Research tells us that a person’s relationship to food develops early; so it is important to ensure that it is a healthy one. Through this program, not only do children develop a taste for what is healthy, they also develop a healthy relationship to food.