What We Do

Our goal is simple: to serve delicious, nutritious school lunches each day to our children. Our effort is addressed mainly to K-12 since research tells us that a person’s relationship to food develops early, therefore it is crucial to ensure that it is a healthy one.


We started our Journey with the greatest challenge, the NYC Department of Education. Probably the largest food operation in the United States.  For this large and complex organization Solofresco provides for over 10 million meals each year. We are now gradually expanding in the main school districts of the east coast, some of them related to the Urban School Food Alliance of which NYC School Food is a key player.


Solofresco’s original line of Mediterranean Specialties, both as ready meals or components,  are designed from a team of National and International chefs, and are available frozen or refrigerated for School Menus, and istitutional Food Service.

We use cold temperature, exactly as nature does, as the only tool to preserve freshness of ingredients. Our ultimate goal is to go beyond the Mediterranean diet to offer a broader spectrum of items while maintaining its basic ingredients and philosophy: The use of only fresh and familiar ingredients, minimal processing and a touch of creativity to make healthy Mediterranean style dishes appeal to American families.